Mr. Reygan H. Sangalang
Assistant Director for
Analytical Laboratory and Testing Services (ALTS)

Duties and Responsibilities of the Analytical Laboratory and Testing Services
  1. Facilitates laboratory testing and analysis of samples from the researchers;
  2. Develops, executes and manages the activities in the analytical and testing laboratory, and ensures the accuracy of results of daily analyses before release of which to clients;
  3. Checks, evaluates and analyzes tests results performed by analysts/chemists; authorizes further analysis to establish accuracy, conclusions or recommendations i n the final report;
  4. Ensures good working condition of equipment through regular calibration and maintenance;
  5. Maintains proper inventory of equipment, materials and reagents in the laboratory;
  6. Performs other perti nent functions as may be necessary.

Analytical Services Capability
  • Food
  • Feed
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environment
  • Energy