Gender And Development Articles

BatStateU celebrates Women’s Month 2016

BatStateU Extension Services Office through the Gender and Development Office conducted a series of women empowerment activities in conjunction with the celebration of Women’s Month last March 8-9, 2016 at the Amphitheater, CITE Building, GBP Main I.

With this year’s theme: “Kapakanan ni Juana, isama sa Agenda”, the said activity aimed to discuss the role of women in the society, to resonate the call for gender balance and to capacitate women to reach their ambitions. It also intended to strengthen the potentials of women as part of the agenda in different sectors of the society.

In her keynote speech, Dr. Emmylou B. Yanga, CHED IVA Director, encouraged the audience to “...allow women to aspire, inspire and see them and make a difference. We can be an instrument of change, instrument of development and instrument of equality”. She also stressed that in order to sustain and enhance women’s empowerment, continuous education is the solution.

Also, part of the program was a forum which focused on wo...

Student facilitators hold FGD for the GAD-Psychology GBV project

BS Psychology student facilitators implemented the third phase of the GBV project from February 22 to March 11, 2016. This component of the project was intended to generate data needed to document GBV cases. It was conducted through focus group discussions and interviews with victims, survivors, and witness of GBV cases, and authority handling these.

The focus group discussions were conducted in 12 selected barangays of Batangas City. These barangays were chosen from a report requested from the Batangas City Police Office.


Marikina Polytechnic College visits BatStateU-GAD

GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) members and administrators of Marikina Polytechnic College (MPC) conducted its benchmarking activity of BatStateU GAD practices last February 26, 2016. They were welcomed by University officials, namely; Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo, Dr. Erma B. Quinay, and Assoc. Prof. Romeo C. De Castro, and other officials from the Extension Services Office.

Dr. Erma B. Quinay welcomed the guests and expressed appreciation to them for selecting the University to be the venue for their benchmarking activity. Meanwhile, Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo shared his development plans with the President of MPC, Dr. Virginia D. Bacay. They exchanged ideas and experiences regarding the management of their respective universities.

Assoc. Prof. Maria Theresa A. Hernandez, GAD Asst. Director, presented the gender mainstreaming practices of the University. Initially, she provided an overview on how the University’s GFPS was created and its current structure. Relative to mainstreaming, she said that the University’s efforts are based on the GAD Agenda which encompasses the thrusts, goals, and specific PAPs/interventions. Her presentation included the accomplishments and other plans of the University’s GAD Office.

MPC’s OIC-Pre...

GAD-Psychology GBV project now on its second phase

This phase of the GBV Project was a capability building activity held on February 17, 2016 at the Audio-Visual Room, GPB Main Campus 1. It aimed to train student facilitators on the conduct of focus group discussion and case study documentation. This training was significant considering that the facilitators will be interacting with victims/survivors of GBV. This coaching phase centered on techniques in gathering evidences to document cases of GBV.

Dr. Myra A. Bersoto, Guidance and Counseling Head of Main Campus 1, was the resource person. Her lecture focused on researching gender based violence. In her lecture, she discussed how qualitative methods may be integrated into a quantitative research. Aside from the process, she also presented the ethical considerations for researching GBV. According to Dr. Bersoto, respect for persons at all stages of the research process is important when undertaking studies on domestic violence. In addition, she identified the steps in this endeavor and how to frame questions during the conduct of FGD and interview.

The workshop followed the lecture presented. During the workshop, participants were asked to identify questions which will be directed to four groups of respondents, namely; victim, survivor, witn...

Psychology student facilitators undergo training for the GBV project

The first in the series of trainings for student facilitators was conducted last February 11 and 18, 2016 at the Audio-Visual Room, GPB Main Campus 1. Phase 1 of the GBV project centered on discussion of gender-based violence and the mandates relative to this, and experiences of agencies handling GBV cases. Module 1 was on gender-based violence. The definition, forms and consequences, contexts and magnitude of GBV were presented by Assoc. Prof. Maria Theresa A. Hernandez, GAD Asst. Director. Module 2 provided an overview of international and national mandates related to GBV. CEDAW was presented by Mr. Alvin R. de Silva, Asst. Director for Institutional and Industry Development...

GAD undertakes projects on gender-based violence

The University’s Gender and Development Office has developed and is currently implementing two projects focusing on the campaign against gender-based violence (GBV). The said projects are in collaboration with the BS Psychology and BS Criminology programs of Main Campus 1. This is a continuing project composed of several phases. The project developed in coordination with the BS Psychology program focuses on documenting cases of gender-based violence in Batangas City. Its target beneficiaries are the victims, survivors, witnesses and authority of reported cases of GBV in the City. BS Psychology students have undergone trainings in relation to the project. They were given awareness seminar on GAD concepts and issues, and special laws on gender violence. They were likewise trained to conduct focus group discussion to enable them to gather data from the beneficiaries. Results of the focus group discussions will become basis of engagement/intervention activities intended for these groups of beneficiaries from selected barangays of Batangas City.

Meanwhile, BS Criminology students and faculty members were also provided with varied trainings in line with the project intended for residents, barangay officials, and VAW desk workers from selected barangays of Batangas City. They were likewise given orientation seminars on GAD concepts and issues, and special laws on gender violence. Other phases of the project involve the conduct of GAD and Anti-VAWC Act orientations to target beneficiaries. The barangay beneficiaries will also undergo training on handlin...

BatStateU student leaders attend GAD awareness seminar

The first part in the seminar series for BatStateU’s Supreme Student Council officers, the GAD orientation for student leaders, was held on February 16, 2016 at Multimedia Room 1, CITE Bldg., GPB Main Campus 1. Student leaders from the ten campuses participated actively in the orientation seminar. The seminar series intends to develop sensitivity in perceiving existing gender issues and inequalities, and recognize the differing situations and needs of women and men and consider them in every action or decision they make.

Three topics were covered in the seminar, namely; sex and gender concepts; gender stereotyping; and gender fair language. Ms. Dianne B. Solis, a faculty member from CAS, talked about basic sex and gender concepts; differences between gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Mr. Albert M. Arcega, CABEIHM faculty member, talked about gender stereotyping. The third topic, which was gender fair language, was discussed by Assoc. Prof. Maria Theresa A. Hernandez, GAD Asst. Director.

The three lectures were followed by a workshop where participants were instructed to formulate action plans which are based on gender issues of students. In this activity planning, they identified the activity, g...