Publication of Research Outputs

    Published Output in Refereed National Journal
  • NOCEI Journal
  • Cr+6 adsorption capacity of bentonite, chitosan, and Chitosan - coated bentonite beads by Jayson P. Abanador, Lovelyn .M. Moreno, Kris-Ann R. San Pedro and Prof. Rosenda A. Bronce

    Published Output in other National Journals
  • Research Educational Development and Training Institute ( REDTI) Journal
  • 1. Research Productivity of Batangas State University-Malvar: Basis for Strengthening Research Policy by Juvy G. Mojares
    2. Gambling Behavior of Young Adults: A Basis for An Intervention Program by Dr. Lucile Evangelista, Reymelyn Candice S. Lagumbay and Kris D. Pagcaliwagan
    3. Awareness on Deceptive Practices in Print Advertisement: Basis for Extension Activity by Vanessa Valle-Castillo, Hazelle Manahan de Guzman and Aileen Sañosa Sabaybay 4. Hardiness in Relation to Job Related Stress Level of Lawyers in Batangas City by Leandro A. Dalhag, Kyne L. Dinglasan and Joemar B. Perez 5. Does Size Matter?The Effect of Class Size in the Performance of BSED Students in ICS 101 by Philip D. Geneta 6. Small Town Lottery Betting Habits of San Jose Barrio Folks: An Assessment by Dr. Imelda M. Flores

    Published Output in other Institutional Journal (CTE)

    1. Leadership Potentials of Master of Arts in Education Student in the Different Graduate Schools in the Province of Batangas by Dr. Marrietta A. Bonot and Dr. Felipa A. Reyes
    2. Tracer Study of the Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in General Science Graduates from 2003-2008 by Erma M. Alcayde, Santa M. Faltado and Nerrie E. Malaluan
    3. Sentence Types and Grammatical Structures in the Written Discourse of BSU-CTE English Major Students by Aimee M. Guia
    4. Metacognitive Aspects of BSU-CTE Students by Araceli H. Luna
    5. Implementation of CTE Extension Projects at Badjao Community: An Assessment by Nenita G. Hornilla, Catalina I. De leon, Dolores Baes and Marlene P. Montalbo
    6. Implementation of NSTP 25-hours Common Module at Batangas State University by Romeo M. Guillo
  • One (1) newsletter was published
  • Springboard – Research newsletter
    Vol. 1 No. 1, January-December 2011
  • One (1) article was published in a Broadsheet of National Circulation
  • Article published in Philippine Star on August 5, 2012: Batangas State University to Commercialize Goat Tapa