Eight Published Research Outputs in International Journals

International Journal on Advances in Computing and Communication Technologies (ICACCT), ISSN No. 2321-3078 (online)
  1. Engineering Design of Batangas State University's Real-Time Faculty Attendance Monitoring and Management System using Global Positioning System (GPS) by Lorissa Joana E. Buenas
  2. Sign Language to Voice Translator by Froilan G. Destreza
  3. Wireless Interactive Board using Infrared and Bluetooth Technology by Froilan G. Destreza

  4. Asian Journal of Biodiversity, Volume 4, January 2013, Print ISSN 2094-5019, Electronic ISSN 2244-0461

  5. Fungi of Taal Volcano Protected Landscape, Sothern Luzon, Philippines by Rommel U. Briones and Edwin R. Tadiosa

  6. International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 2, April 2013, ISSN 2078-0737

  7. Characterization of Oil from Chlorella Sorokiniana by Engr. Mary Rose F. Persincula, Apple Kaye B. Dimalaluan, Mary Jane M. Manalo and Diennevi R. Perez

  8. Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy, ISSN 224-3232 (print), ISSN 2225-0573 (online), Vol 3, No 11 (2013) Special Issue for ICEESE-2013

  9. Design and Development of Autotransformer Motor Starter for Induced Draft Fan (IDF) of Batangas Sugar Central Inc. by Rhobert E. Alvarez and Tirso A. Ronquillo

  10. E-journal, Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 97, p.

  11. Effects of Emotional State on Decision Making Time by Mary Jane Duque, Caroline Turla and Lucille D. Evangelista

  12. International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Vol.4, No.2, April 2014, ISSN 2010-3689

  13. Effects of Visualization on Academic Performance of College Students by and Lucille D. Evangelista

    Three Published Research Output in National Journal

    The Journal of Philippine Association for Home Economics in State Colleges and Universities, Inc. (PAHESCU), April 2013

  1. An Assessment of the Implementation of Technology Livelihood Education (TLE) in Secondary Schools in Batangas by Dr. Romeo Guillo Jr.

  2. IECEP JOURNAL, An Official Publication of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, Inc., Volume 2. No.1, ISSN 2244-2146

  3. TEA Implementation in DE2-115 FPGA Board by Gil B. Barte, Ralph Gerard B. Sangalang and Antonette V. Chua

REDTI JOURNAL, A Publication of the Research and Educational Development Training Institute, ISSN 1656-166x

The Perception of Charcoal Producers and Vendors: Input to Charcoal Briquette Making by Anania B. Aquino and Celia J. Nolasco